Understanding the Causes of Constipation–Ultimate Natural Health Therapy

Understanding the Causes of Constipation–Ultimate Natural Health Therapy


By Convention Medicine, it is still tough to tell what is the cause of constipation

By Complementary and Integrated Medicine, General Causes for constipation




Refer to the picture above;

It is kidney function controls colon function, while the liver function supports colon function

Kidney Function Problem

Kidney function controls colon function directly, so most chronic kidney patients have much more chance to get constipation problem

Without Support of proper kidney function, there will be constipation problem. Constipation problem Patient with kidney function problem may have their constipation problem healed quickly by strengthening their kidney function. Kidney disease patient should consider treating their illness l by kidney function strength.

 Liver Function Problem:

Liver Function Support Heart Function directly. Without stable liver function, Constipation has much more chance to happen. So, to liver disease patient or liver disease related patient, to better liver function is an effective solution to treat constipation

Lung function supports kidney function and control liver function directly:

Lung function can affect the blood pressure level too, so, asthma patient or breathing-related disease patients should not expect to treat constipation only by medicine prescriptions. Strengthening lung function could have constipation healed too.

Spleen function does not affect constipation directly:

However, Spleen function, kidney function, and liver function form a stable Triangle metabolism relationship structure; So, any spleen function problem can cause unstable colon function. It is also the reason that most Respiratory patient may come with constipation problem.

 Heart function:

By integrative and complementary medicine, heart function not only including conventional medicine heart function but also including mental and thinking capability. As Heart function is head of the body function, it can affect colon function play a significant role in colon function, i.e. constipation. So, for patient who can quickly be-come nervous or anxious, Mediation or some social activities could be the effective solution for their constipation treatment.

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