Stroke Survivor and Prostatitis

    Stroke Survivor and Prostatitis

    Maxwell Chan / December 20, 2017

    General Information:

    Prostatitis caused by stroke:

    Stroke can affect patient’s kidney function liver function, then cause prostatitis.


    Problems with bladder and bowel function are common but distressing for stroke survivors. These issues occur when a stroke has damaged the part of the brain that controls waste removal or the brain signals for it. “Going to the bathroom” after suffering a stroke can be complicated by:

    • The triad of bladder dysfunction: Urinary frequency, urinating more frequently than usual; urgency, having a sudden need to urinate; and incontinence, being unable to control your urination.
    • Urinary retention: Trouble urinating or not completely emptying your bladder.
    • Prostatitis: Being unable to have a regular bowel movement.
    • Bowel incontinence: Being unable to control your release of stool. If any of these symptoms occur, you should address it with your doctor as soon as possible.

    Most Conventional medicine doctors pay their most attention at series health problem caused by stroke.

    By Complementary and Integrated Medicine, the most severe problem caused by stroke is the survivor’s heart function get severe damaged, and affect patients Liver and Kidney function severely. It not only makes the survivor become disable but also make the survivor’s kidney and liver function weak, and cause Prostatitis and Urinary Retention

    The solution for stroke survivor’s Prostatitis problem: Functional Food Lifestyle change Program for Liver and Kidney function stronger, and make prostatitis symptom become less.

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