IS IT LEAKY GUT OR LEAKY GUT SYNDROME: Clean Gut, Allergies, Fatty Liver, Autoimmune Diseases, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Psoriasis, Diabetes, … & More (Digestive Wellness Book 2) Kindle Edition



Wondering if You Have Leaky Gut? Leaky gut is like having a leaky pipe causing damage all over the house. Renowned gastroenterologist takes you on a journey through the dark leaky bowel and its link to allergies, arthritis, obesity, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, autism, etc.

Fix the leak to prevent further damage. Follow Dr. M’s gut-strengthening strategies to boost metabolism, lose weight, re-energize body, and more — all by correcting the many hidden problems that stem from an ailing digestive tract.

Gut is the largest immune organ spread over surface area of a football field and with a brain of its own comprising of 100 million nerve cells. The intestinal barrier is designed to be our health fortress. However, it is not a gut wall of concrete.

A microscopic layer of gut cells separates the body from stool with of trillions of bacteria and toxic substances. The chain fence barrier allows absorption of nutrients while  combating bad stuff.

A dysfunctional, leaky fence barrier allows  hostile foreign elements access to the body. This may result in a defensive fighting posture of inflammation and immune reactions in gut and other organ systems.

The terms “leaky gut” and “leaky gut syndrome” are not synonymous.

1. What is it that leaks?

2. Where does it leak to?

3. What causes the gut to leak?

4. Are there tests available to check if your gut is leaky?

5. What are the diseases linked to leaky gut?

6. Can leaky gut affect organs beyond our intestines e.g. skin, brain, etc.?

The author dives into the controversies surrounding above questions and provides evidence-based concepts and strategies underlying strengthening intestinal fence and healing damaged barrier.