Chronic Insomnia Consulting service Premium Plan

$149.00 $99.00

Chronic Insomnia Consulting Service Premium Plan:


What You will get for Chronic Insomnia Consulting service Premium Plan:

  1.  one month unlimited online Sleep/Insomnia consulting service.  ———– bring a sleep specialist home.
  2. Advice and Answer for your specific Insomnia question.
  3.  Give you specific customized insomnia solution per your health situation.
  4. Have your insomnia underlying causes check out; and work with you together to  develop a customized Specific Dietaries Supplements or  Functional Food Mediation program to help you get stable nice sleep
  5. Based on nice sleep maintaining, give you full support you need to help you not only get better sleep, but also get better health.- we will advise you how to better your health , then better your sleep.


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