ApeX Type A 18V Edition – Ultimate Bundle ( All Accessories included)


ApeX Type A 18V Edition – Ultimate Bundle (Deluxe Travel Pack)
 my favorite too to help  my patient to cope with their depression, Anxiety and Insomnia



  • The original, high-quality completely analog system made in the USA. Now with a tough custom Pelican travel case.
  • The Deluxe Travel Pack comes with a handy bottle so you can make and bring your own solution.
  • Extra sponge pads are added as well as a bonus with the Deluxe Travel Pack.
  • Get the cleanest, purest and most accurate DC analog output. No micro controller noise, micro stepping or interference common to Chinese made, digitally controlled devices.
  • The built-in analog meter is A MUST HAVE feature for tDCS devices. It ensures the device achieved a good connection and that it is operating within range at all times