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Super Sleep Pack  Preface:
Good Sleep can boot your health:

  1. Sleep boosts immunity
  2. Sleep can slim you
  3. Sleep boosts mental well being
  4. Sleep prevents diabetes
  5. Sleep increases sex drive
  6. Sleep wards off heart disease
  7. Sleep increases fertility

Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes – and it shortens your life expectancy.

It is estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans chronically suffer from a disorder of sleep and wakefulness, hindering daily functioning and adversely affecting health and longevity. There around 90 distinct sleep disorders; most are marked by one of these symptoms: excessive daytime sleepiness, difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, and abnormal events occurring during sleep. The cumulative long-term effects of sleep loss and sleep disorders have been associated with a wide range of deleterious health consequences including an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack, and stroke.

In the long term chronic poor sleep can increase the risk of ill health including depression and anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, immune system suppression, stroke and cardiovascular disease. [Refer  Source:]

  • Reminder

    Note: Super Sleep Pack is really good for your chronic insomnia,
    However, Please consult your physician before you use it!


Our new Chronic Insomnia Specific Care –Super Sleep Pack is on its way.

Finding a Chronic Insomnia Solution is something like finding right shoe—- you have to know what you need.
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About Super Sleep Pack–What Problem it can help:

#1 Menopause can bring the increased chance of Insomnia to women and men because the body aging procedure can change the working relationship between heart and kidney. Simply to apply sleep pill is kind of medical malpractice. it may even destroy your health. Super Sleep Pack may help you out at this point.
#2. To most chronic disease suffers long malpractice. it may even destroy your health. Super Sleep Pack may help you out at this point.
#3. To most disabilities, long-term sickness and less exercise can also change the working relationship between Heart and Kidney, Same as #2, Super Sleep Pack can also help disabilities to improve their sleep quality too.

About Super Sleep Pack– a Natural Health Therapy for Chronic Insomnia

After spending many years at studying for the best Sleep Disorder Cost-fast -effect solution, {} Natural Health Sleep disorder Research team integrate the top natural vitamins, Supplements and Minerals producer—the Puritan’s Prides’ special care products into their Therapeutic Lifestyle changes Mediation Program [TLC Program], It is a System-Oriented approaching and has both patient and healthcare practitioner integrated into an interactive partnership. and develop the most effective Integrated and complementary Sleep Disorder Solution— Super Sleep Pack: It contains three important

The First Module Is The Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Mediation Program, Which Is Special Mediation Programs Against Those Underlying Causes Of Lack Of Sleep Or Insomnia, It Is A System-Oriented Approaching And Has Both Patient And Healthcare Practitioner Integrated Into An Interactive Partnership. It Is Revolutionary In The Healthcare Industry; It Can Better Address The Patient Need. By Updating The Traditional Disease-Centered Focus To A More Patient-Centered Approach; Functional Food TLC Practitioners Can Spend More Time With Their Patients, Acknowledge Patients’ More Detail Information As To The Family Genetic Issue, Living Environment, Lifestyle Factors Which May Have Influence At Their Complex Chronic Health Issue,… And So On. By This Way, Functional Food TLC Can Better Serve Each Patient Unique Expression Of Health And Treat Patient’s Unique, Complex, Chronic Health Problem.

Super sleep Pack-Specific Care for sleep

Super sleep Pack-Specific Care for sleep

The Second Module is Famous Puritan Prides’ Natural Health Specific Care series Nutrient products; These time-proven Specific Care Products can really help chronic insomnia sufferer not only improve the sleep quality but also cope with the related health issue.

Natural Health therapy for chronic insomnia

Module #3: Repeat Natural Health Nutrient/Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyles Mediation Program until expected health goal reached

Super Sleep Pack Progress to Date
1.  All three Modules are perfectly ready to serve people who may need.

2. By working with Toronto Rehab Center: In 6 months trials:

a. 95 out of 100 wheelchair users feel Super Sleep Pack help them get much better sleep.
b.80 out of 100 stroke survivors feel Super Sleep Pack Help them get much better sleep, 5 out of 100 don’t like the natural health product taste.
c. 93 out of 100 menopausal men and women get improved sleeping after applying Super Sleep Pack.
d. 163 out of 200 depressed suffers get improved sleeping quality.

About our Team:

Creator: John M. Ke
Location: Ontario
Education: University of Toledo Medical Center
Bio: Dr. John M. Ke earned his Ph.D. Degree from Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio in 2000. With strong conventional medicine and pharmacy industry background, Dr. John understands the limitation of mainstream medicine. So, Dr. John spent a lot of time to do research work of Integrated and Complementary Medicine; many innovative theories and concepts are developed. In 2006, Dr. John set up his “Natural health Balanced” concept and related Therapies programs, especially for the aged, Chronic disease
Hospital Affiliation: Toron Rehab
Title: Manager
Advanced Degree(s): Ph.D

Dr.John and Dr. Max at Ohio Medical Univ.

Dr.John and Dr. Max at Ohio Medical Univ.

Maxwell Chan
Senior Consultant, Master Degree
Biography: Maxwell got his Master Degree at Synergetic Science in the 1980s, he began to study Integrated and complementary medicine. In past decades, Dr. Maxwell integrated Self-organization Medicine,  and Traditional Chinese Medicine, then develop tons of amazing Egypt Pyramid like healthcare solution, especially for chronic disease patients and the disability. Dr. Maxwell contributes most of his effort to relief sickness torture for community chronic disease patient and disabilities. Max
Title: Senior Consultant
Advanced Degree(s): Master Degree

How We Help Chronic Insomnia Patients

By Convention Medicine, In many people with Chronic Insomnia, Similiar to hypertension,  a single specific cause is not known. It is called essential or primary insomnia. Research is continuing to find reasons.

By Complementary and Integrated Medicine, Chronic Insomnia is mainly caused by body functions disorder;  the key for insomnia treatment is not to apply a lot of medicine to get the drowsed effect but to find out the underlying causes of insomnia, then adjust them or heal them to help patients overcome insomnia.


Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Chronic insomnia, menopausal insomnia Depression caused insomnia do make a lot of people under terrible torture. the reasons are that:  by Convention Medicine, In many people with Chronic Insomnia, a single specific cause is not known. It is called essential or primary insomnia. Research is continuing to find all possible reasons. With more complex chronic health situation, maybe complementary and Integrated medicine can be the best solution for insomnia matter.

By Complementary and Integrated Medicine, Insomnia is caused by disorder working relationship between heart function and kidney function.It is system health issue which should be not easy to be healed by over counter sleeping pill or any magic diet or medicine which is without any scientific support.

By  Integrating Chinese Traditional Medicine and many other available medicines, Dr. John M. Ke and Maxwell Chan had invented effective Safety Natural Nutrient  Lifestyle Therapeutic  Changes Intervention Program for Chronic Insomnia problem, the Program can bring many health benefits for Chronic disease patient and most disabilities.The Program mainly is divided  into following few steps:

Step I: Find out the causes of patient’s Insomnia with 5 elements function theory.

Step II: Per patient’s special health situation, a Specific customized  Natural health Nutruicient   Life-Style Therapeutic  Changes Intervention Program is designed for the patient.

Step III: Following up patient’s health situation Changes, adjust the program on time for patient’s maximum health benefit.

Clinical Information

There are two important parts of Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Intervention Program, there are Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and  Natural health Nutrients.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes is a very solid diet plan created by the National Institutes of Health.

Terms such as “functional” or “nutraceuticals”, and “Supplements” are widely used in the marketplace. Such foods, functional foods, supplements are regulated by FDA under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, even though they are not specifically defined by law.


Regulatory Status

Functional Food/Natural Supplements  Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Intervention Program is actually a healthy Lifestyle which is applied with  FDA approval Functional Food, Natural Supplements

There are two important parts of Functional Food/ Natural  Supplements Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Intervention Program, there are Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and Functional Food/Natural Supplements

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes is a very solid diet plan created by the National Health Institute, and All applied functional Food and Natural Supplements  have to be FDA Approval.

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