Why after menopause, I always have big problem to get into sleep? also, whenever I wake up at mid night, I can’t sleep again?

      Refer above picture, By Complementary and integrated Medicine, It is Kidney  and Heart function harmonically together working let people  get into sleep.  Menopause can affect the person’s Liver and Kidney function, then affect the working relationship between kidney and heart function, and cause insomnia Liver and Kidney function changes can lead to … Read more

What is Super Sleep Pack used for ?

What is Super Sleep Pack used for ? Super Sleep Pack is not just a sleep aid pill, but specific bundle of aid for complex chronic sleep Disorder. it is composed of three parts:   a. Complementary and Integrated Medicine [ the one defined by  Nih.gov] b. Puritan’s Pride series Sleep aid nutrient c.Specific Functional Food Therapeutic … Read more

Whar are Products and Service we offer?

Editor’s Note: This article has been recently updated with the most current information available. We cannot deny that many of us are having a hard time falling asleep if not; we noticed that it’s harder to remain asleep for an adequate amount of time. This is because most lack-of-sleep sufferers are under certain conditions that … Read more

What is Specific Care™ Sleep series Product?

Specific Care™ Sleep series products are famous Pritan’s Pride naturals products that promises to cope with mild forms of sleeping disorders in a readily available chewable pill form. they boast a safe formulation combining natural ingredients which can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, other psychological issues and mild form of insomnia


SUPER SLEEP PACK— A NATURAL HEALTH THERAPY AGAINST CHRONIC INSOMNIA Super Sleep Pack  Preface: Good Sleep can boot your health: Sleep boosts immunity Sleep can slim you Sleep boosts mental well being Sleep prevents diabetes Sleep increases sex drive Sleep wards off heart disease Sleep increases fertility Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of … Read more