How to treat Menopausal Insomnia Series I

  Why we need  to   treat  menopause Insomnia  with Super Sleep Pack?

By Convention  medicine, menopause can cause the changes of women’s hormonal, physical, and emotional, the major change is the ovaries, then 61%  postmenopausal  women experience insomnia.

So far, anything not available as to detail directed connections between  insomnia and hormone changes, connection between insomnia and Hot flashes,  and  even the connections between insomnia and ovaries.  So most postmenopausal women can only take prescription sleeping pill or any available over-counter sleep aid product to cope with their insomnia problem.

Because the menopause’s main problem, i.e. ovaries changes may cause many changes to women’s body. Without  finding out the underlying causes of insomnia, and taking sleeping pill or any  over counter sleep aid  could be seriously medical malpractice.

By the Complementary and Integrated Medicine, which is defined by National Health of Institute. The connections  between  menopause and insomnia are very cleared.

It is the working connection  between heart function and Kidney function decide human being sleep.
Menopause could bring postmenopausal  women  any  possible changes  of body, some maybe digestion system problem, some may be kidney function , some could be Respiratory system, then cause next level body systemic symptoms, one of them is insomnia.

So, A Natural Health Therapy, which is System-Oriented approaching and has both patient and healthcare practitioner integrated into an interactive partnership became the right treatment for most menopausal Insomnia; so, develops Super Sleep Pack especially for menopausal insomnia

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