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Information as to health-Public.com

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We are Super Sleep Pack Research and support  Team:

Administrators team of Health-Public.com is  a team  with kinds of Alternative Medicine experts from all over the world,    most our experts come with decades,  some even with several [family] generations  experience  at many   Alternative Medicine  major fields: Natural food therapy, Traditional Medicine, Alternative Diagnoses, and Modern Alternative  Medicine, which  is  General Alternative Medicine Update [ with   Chaos Theory  and Quantum  Medicine ], even at the Interesting  field of Health Horoscope.

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To educate and counsel people for for  better health situation via Solution of  Alternative Health, Some maybe just simply via Health Food  & Optimization of daily food structure.   Bring affordable Instant Mobile high quality health care Service to everyone in the world, and ensure their human right be secured.

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1.Consultations: For specific health concerns, chronic conditions or personalized eating plans,  we   recommends individual consultations.

2.Workplace Wellness Programs:  Alternative Health  or  Health Food Solution  offers nutrition counseling and classes at workplaces around the world. Programs include “lunch and learns” and longer seminars that fit the health needs and interests of your employees.
3. Health Food Grocery Tours: Smart Shopping for Healthy Foods. Changing your eating means changing your shopping.
4. Better health in Natural way series Lecture.


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super sleep pack product and Service

How Super Sleep Pack is Safe and Effective ?

Editor’s Note: This article has been recently updated with the most current information available.

We cannot deny that many of us are having a hard time falling asleep if not; we noticed that it’s harder to remain asleep for an adequate amount of time. This is because most sleep sufferers are under certain conditions that can affect the volume and quality of sleep. Good thing there are sleep aid remedies that we can all rely to just like Specific Care™ Sleep  series  products  by Puritan’s Pride Sleep. The only question is- would  Specific Care™ Sleep  series products be an effective and safety  sleep  solution for you?

Also, supported by the TLC Program, a health program promoted by  National Institute of Health, the underlying causes of your sleep disorder  have  chance to get improved

Super Sleep Pack is a sleep pill?

Not! Super Sleep Pack is a bundle of Therapy for Sleep Disorder, Insomnia and Lack of Sleep; It includes the related Complementary and Integrated Medicine [ Which is defined by NIH.GOV], High quality, safety natural nutrient, and specific designed therapeutic lifestyle mediation program.

What is Specific Care™ Sleep series Product?



Specific Care™ Sleep series products are famous Pritan’s Pride naturals products that promises to cope with mild forms of sleeping disorders in a readily available chewable pill form. they boast a safe formulation combining natural ingredients which can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, other psychological issues and mild form of insomnia

What is Super Sleep Pack used for ?

Super Sleep Pack is not just a sleep aid pill, but specific bundle of aid for complex chronic sleep Disorder.

it is composed of three parts:


a. Complementary and Integrated Medicine [ the one defined by  Nih.gov]

b. Puritan’s Pride series Sleep aid nutrient

c.Specific Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Mediation Program for sleep Disorder

what is Super Sleep Pack?

Super Sleep Pack is  an effective and safety Individual specific care  sleep solution , The Specific Care Sleep Solution has two Important parts: The First  one  is The Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Mediation Program, which is special mediation programs against  those underlying causes of lack of sleep or insomnia, It is a System-Oriented approaching and has both patient and healthcare practitioner integrated into an interactive partnership.  It is revolutionary in healthcare industry; it can better address the patient need.

By updating the traditional disease cantered focus to a more patient-centered approach; Functional food TLC practitioners can spend more time with their patients, acknowledge patients’ more detail   information  as to family genetic  issue, living environment, lifestyle factors which may  have influence  at their  complex chronic health issue,… and so on.

By this way, Functional food TLC can better serve each patient unique expression of health, and treat patient’s unique, complex, chronic health problem.  The Second One is Specific Care™ Sleep series products, they are specifically designed for different kinds of sleep issue, and make sure user can get the best  quality sleep at lowest cost of possible side effect, bad quality sleep   and  money

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