Beautyrest sleep tracker, or Beddit, Fitbit Sleep Tracker?

Beautyrest Sleep Tracker Review
Beautyrest Polysomnography sleep tracker, or Beddit, Fitbit Sleep Tracker, which one is the best sleep tracker 2018?

What Sleep Specialist comment on current market top sleep tracker:
As a Sleep Specialist, Recent years, I keep getting tons of inquiry: Fitbit, Beddit or Beautyrest Polysomnography sleep tracker which one is the best?
To general sleep disorder patients, how to choose Fitbit, Beddit or Beautyrest Polysomnography sleep tracker Insomnia may let them feel confused enough.
To a Sleep specialist, the differences are easy to tell: Polysomnography, aka PSG. With PSG sleep tracker or monitor should check out brain activity, o2 level, and Eye movement, which are keys to understanding how people are sleeping, by compare the data captured with people’s breathing, heart rate, and movement, plus data points from PSG study, A full clear sleeping correlated model can be built up for the person.
For more detail information as to Polysomnography, please refer below:
While to general insomnia patients: electronic consumer product sleep trackers: not matter Beddit or, Fitbit and Apple Watch, hardly they can monitor the brain activity, o2 level, and eye movement, Sure, by comparing daily captured Data, it is still possible to tell if you deep sleeping level become better or not. however, compared with PSG sleep tracker’s professional report, all Beddit’s or FitBit’s tacker reports are garbage.  For more detail information as to Polysomnography The reference I and Reference II:

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BeautyRest History Story:
ReferWikipedia: The Simmons Bedding Company is an American major manufacturer of mattresses and related bedding products, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 1870 and is one of the oldest companies of its kind in the United States. Simmons’ flagship brand is Beautyrest.

What is BeutyRest SleepTracker?
Refer the manufacture website: The Beautyrest Sleeptracker consists of three parts: A central processing unit (CPU) which plugs in and sits under or near your bed, a pair of movement sensors that sit between your mattress and your box spring (or base if you don’t use a box spring) and use dedicated wires to plug into the CPU, and a free app that runs on either iOS and Android. The set-up is fast and easy, as long as you can access the space under your mattress that’s right under your pillow.

With hundreds of years sleeping products manufacture experience, BeautyRest sleep tracker is not only designed to make the user have the best experience but also BeautyRest sleep tracker is integrated with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Web Service, which let BeautyRest Sleep Tracker become a sleep tracker with artificial Intelligence function. Moreover, by Integrating BeautyRest Sleep tracker with BeautyRest Automatic bed, the user still can get a smart bed equipped with Artificial Intelligence support.
BeautyRest Sleep Tracker advantage and shorts:

Come with Polysomnography Technology
Home sleep lab is easy to set-up
Wearable -Free Sleep tracker
Artificial Intelligence update may become  available soon offer 5 years free consulting support to anyone order
BeautyRest SleepTracker through their Amazon Affiliate Link. 
or below product link
Little expensive compared with  APP.
Detail Analysis report require a subscription.

Polysomnography Reference:
Polysomnography [ aka PSG] has developed from our understanding of sleep and its associated physiologic processes. This important tool extends the clinical examination into dynamic states that typically do not permit intrusive inspection. The two critical components of polysomnography are the determination of sleep-wake stage and identification of related bodily processes.
Polysomnography refers to the continuous monitoring of multiple neurophysiological and cardiorespiratory variables, usually over the course of a night, to study normal and disturbed sleep. Electroencephalographic, electrooculographic and electromyographic channels provide the basis for staging the recording into successive epochs of wakefulness and various non-Rapid-Eye-Movement (REM) and REM sleep.

Detection of airflow at the nose and mouth by means of thermistors, and analysis of breathing patterns recorded from sensors placed around the rib cage and abdomen, sound recordings, the electrocardiogram and the combined application of several other measurement techniques allow the assessment of normal and abnormal physiological events in relation to sleep structure. Polysomnography has an important role in the diagnosis of disorders of sleep and wakefulness as well as in the assessment of treatment effects and in scientific investigations. Developments in digital signal processing have contributed to its widespread application in clinical practice and research.

Sleep Tracker without  PSG May work for you too:
However, to general sleep disorder patients who don’t need to know much more detail as to bain activities, O2 Level, Bedddit and FitBit could be a good option too. With APPLE elegant Innovative technology,  many consumer electronic Products Sleep Tracker can help monitor daily sleeping status, moreover, they can also help you monitor heart rate, blood pressure and many other health-related parameters too.

Beddit Sleep Tracker Review

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Conclusion:  If you got chronic complex insomnia or disorder, Beatyrest Sleep tracker with PSG may help you to track the underlying causes of Insomnia; With Amazon Alex and Amazon Web Service, there is potential to have an Artificial Intelligence sleep lab at home.
Editor Note:  Tracking out insomnia causes  is the key and first step to cope with insomnia, besides, BeautyRest Sleep Tracker, offer free Insomnia Health  Horoscope Consulting Service ( Simply fill out below form, our Consultants will contact you soon).

If you don’t have a chronic complex disease, but have not a serious sleep disorder, elegant Fitbit or Beddit sleep tracker could be your one of the best option. Fitbit Sleep tracker really is the same as its slogan says: a strong sleep tracker with plenty of promise. If you are going to  better your sleeping via Lifestyle therapeutic changes, Fitbit Sleep Tracker should be the best one for this purpose, it can help  you  easily reach the goal with its tons special feature