Treat Depression Anxiety Insomnia Naturally via tDCS Device & Supplements

How to treat Depression Anxiety/Stress Insomnia Naturally  is a big topic. it is because depression anxiety insomnia is a chronic complex insomnia health problem, It could be medical malpractice simply applying prescription medicine against it.

How to treat Depression Anxiety/Stress Insomnia is a big topic. it is because depression anxiety insomnia is a chronic complex insomnia health problem, It could be medical malpractice simply applying prescription medicine against it.
Refer NIV.GOV Sleep disorders as core symptoms of depression,  Insomnia is a core symptom of Depression,  The underlying causes of depression Insomnia is depression itself. The key to treat depression insomnia is to control depression’s symptom-Insomnia.
1. Checking out the underlying causes of your depression anxiety Insomnia
Refer: “How is insomnia caused is key to treat Depression Anxiety Insomnia naturally”, It very important to know what is your depression anxiety insomnia underlying case.
And, Refer, there are many factors can cause depression: Genetics, Gender, age, Lifestyle.
Refer CDC, Except therapy for temporary better result and medication with well known terrible side effects, there are not many effective remedies or therapies available against depression anxiety insomnia yet.
We, Sleep Specialists Support  Team of support our readers with decades and even several generations experience to cope with Depression, Anxiety Insomnia via Natural Therapy with Dietaries Supplements and tDCS  Device.
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2. tDCS Therapy for depression insomnia  
Refer Could Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Have Unexpected Additional Benefits in the Treatment of Depressed Patients?
The application of novel brain stimulation techniques to treat depression, and possibly other neuropsychiatric disorders, is a new and rapidly growing field. Among these techniques, transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is emerging as one of the most promising approaches because of its relative ease of use, safety, and neurobiological effects. tDCS involves the use of weak electric currents (1–2 mA), passed through brain tissue via electrodes placed on the scalp. The stimulation is too weak to directly cause neuronal firing but is thought to interact with the neuronal membrane and background neural activity, resulting in modification of synaptic strength. When given topically for a few minutes, it can induce lasting changes in neuronal excitability, as evidenced in physiological studies. This is presumably the mechanism by which repeated stimulation sessions can lead to meaningful therapeutic effects, as seen in clinical trials. Below are two popular tDCS device available on Amazon. Apex type A Ultimate Bundle Deluxe is perfect tDCS device, not only good for the patient but also good for the medical practitioner. for general patient use, it is recommended the BrainDriver v2,, it is very easy & convenient to use.
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3. Treat Depression Anxiety Insomnia Naturally inside out.
a. ReferWebMD’s Symptom Finder: Physical Symptoms of Depression – Stomach

There is a strong connection between depression and Digestion. For Depression anxiety insomnia patient, not only SLEEP we need to care about, but also stomach we need to care about too.
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Sometimes, even healthcare practitioner has a chance to mix up Menopause insomnia and depression insomnia too. it is advised you can register a free account at, then submit a free support ticket, our sleep specialist will help you out quickly.

Refer NCCH.NIH.GOV, Ginseng does have special health benefits for Depression Anxiety Insomnia patient: Asian ginseng is native to the Far East, including China and Korea, and has been used for health-related purposes for at least 2,000 years. Asian ginseng is one of several types of ginseng (another is American ginseng, Panax quinquefolius). The terms red ginseng and white ginseng refer to Asian ginseng roots prepared in two different ways. The herb called Siberian ginseng or eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is not related to true ginseng.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Asian ginseng was used as a tonic that was believed to replenish energy. Today, Asian ginseng is used as a dietary supplement to improve general well-being, physical stamina, and concentration; stimulate immune function; slow the aging process; and relieve various health problems such as respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disorders, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and menopausal hot flashes.
The root of Asian ginseng contains chemical components called ginsenosides (or panaxosides) that are thought to contribute to the herb’s claimed health-related properties. you are very welcome Contact our Sleep specialist about how to better your sleep with Ginseng.
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b. 99% Depression anxiety insomnia is a kind of chronic insomnia too. to be patient is very important in treating Depression Anxiety Insomnia naturally.

Sam-E is a natural therapist’s favorite supplement. Its great feature is very effective
and has much less side-effect compared with any other depression medicine or
supplement. Also, Super sleep pack, is an integrated bundle of dynamic therapy
against complex chronic  Insomnia very effetely.
For more Chronic Insomnia natural therapy, please refer our Special Chronic Insomnia therapy Page
Conclusion:Depression anxiety Insomnia    is not simple sleepless issue; to treat Depression Anxiety Insomnia naturally, besides above therapy or remedies, we may still need to consider  below issues:

Sleeping Aid Device for better sleep
Better Sleep Furniture
Natural Health Sleep Aid
Prostate Health For better Sleep
Learning Insomnia to have better sleep

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