how to treat frequent night urination in elderly at night for good sleep?

how to treat frequent night urination in the elderly at  night and have a good sleep

how to treat frequent night urination in the elder, for this topic, we mainly discuss frequent urination in the elder because of aging caused related kidney function degraded and prostatitis.
Many times need to get up and go to the washroom to urinate at night is called nocturia. generally, two or more nocturia may be associated with daytime tiredness. There are many medical conditions may be induced nocturia, most are the Urological infection, a tumor of prostate or bladder,  it is also common in people with heart failure, liver failure or diabetes insipidus. And diabetes progeny and diuretic medication are related to nocturia too. Nocturia is also the symptom of sleep apea.

Refer above picture, there are really many factors [ which may affect Kidney function] can cause Frequent urination at night, which mostly happen among the male elder.
Below Book gives out very detail how to treat prostatitis naturally with therapeutic lifestyle mediation program if you have enough patience to do lifestyle mediation, it is advised you should go through the book.

except method recommended by the above book, the most simple, easiest way best way as to how to treat frequent night urination in the elder, maybe simply  to take:

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With hundreds of patients’ experience, it is advised that you can use  Stop Frequent Urination per the supplement’s description, however, diet and lifestyle are still important factors that may affect the can contact us for further free support if you need any help.
 General  Information as to Prostatitis

What is prostatitis? Prostatitis: Inflammation of the Prostate, Prostatitis is a frequently painful condition that involves inflammation of the prostate and sometimes the areas around the prostate.

Scientists have identified four types of prostatitis:

chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome
acute bacterial prostatitisHow can prostatitis be prevented? Men cannot prevent prostatitis. Researchers are currently seeking to better understand what causes prostatitis and develop prevention strategies.
chronic bacterial prostatitis
asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and kidney diseases
Give very detail information as to how prostatitis is treated and the relationship among that health problem. But unfortunately. even to the researcher, there is still no an effective treatment for diabetes caused prostatitis
They also  show their research result:
How can prostatitis be prevented? Men cannot prevent prostatitis. Researchers are currently seeking to better understand what causes prostatitis and develop prevention strategies.

As to, Recommended Alternative Treatment. NIH.GOV refer:
warm baths, called sitz baths
local heat therapy with hot water bottles or heating pads
physical therapy, such as
Kegel exercises—tightening and relaxing the muscles that hold urine in the bladder and hold the bladder in its proper position. Also called pelvic muscle exercises.
myofascial release—pressing and stretching, sometimes with cooling and warming, of the muscles and soft tissues in the lower back, pelvic region, and upper legs. Also known as myofascial trigger point release.
relaxation exercises
phytotherapy with plant extracts such as quercetin, bee pollen, and saw palmetto
For men whose chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome symptoms are affected by psychological stress, appropriate psychiatric treatment and stress reduction may reduce the recurrence of symptoms.
To help measure the effectiveness of treatment, a urologist may ask a series of questions from a standard questionnaire called the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index. The questionnaire helps a urologist assess the severity of symptoms and how they affect the man’s quality of life. A urologist may ask questions several times, such as before, during, and after treatment.
Acute bacterial prostatitis. A urologist treats acute bacterial prostatitis with antibiotics. The antibiotic prescribed may depend on the type of bacteria causing the infection. Urologists usually prescribe oral antibiotics for at least 2 weeks. The infection may come back; therefore, some urologists recommend taking oral antibiotics for 6 to 8 weeks. Severe cases of acute prostatitis may require a short hospital stay so men can receive fluids and antibiotics through an intravenous (IV) tube. After the IV treatment, the man will need to take oral antibiotics for 2 to 4 weeks. Most cases of acute bacterial prostatitis clear up completely with medication and slight changes to diet. The urologist may recommend
avoiding or reducing intake of substances that irritate the bladder, such as alcohol, caffeinated beverages, and acidic and spicy foods, increasing intake of liquids—64 to 128 ounces per day—to urinate often and help flush bacteria from the bladder Comment: more than 70% feel prostatitis alternative may help them a little bit when their condition is not too bad.
However, anyone with the general health problem, Nih.GOV treatment may not help you out.
Per complex Prostatitis’s specialties and the ground people it affected, develop its ultimate  therapy pack especially to treat frequent night urination in the elder:
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2. Study the therapeutic Lifestyle mediation for your  prostatitis: 
3. Applying The Most Complete Super Prostate Health Support  supplement pill formula for men with 33 natural ingredients
Editor note: As this Ultimate therapy  pack to treat frequent night urination in the elder, all supplements are natural supplements, moreover, prostatitis  is a complex chronic  health disease, it should take to see the better effects.

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