doTERRA Zendocrine and tDCS for Anxiety Sleep and Depression

 doTERRA Zendocrine and tDCS Device bring the viability to treat Anxiety Insomnia and Depression inside out

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The underlying causes of anxiety insomnia and Depression  are  explained as :   because of toxin, once people’s liver-heart function  and kidney-heart function   can’t work properly harmonically, then anxiety, insomnia, depression come out.
And, most Anxiety Insomnia and Depression  is not easy to be cure;  moreover, Depression prescription medications, for some people who may also have other serious health problems: kidney or liver disease, heart disease, which  can let depression prescription medications become very unsafe.  also , most antidepressants come  with serious possible side effect  which can bring patient more serious medical problem. doTERRA Zendocrine softgels  applied with tDCS  together could be  the ultimate natural remedies against anxiety insomnia and depression.
To use doterra Zendocrine softgels  for Anxiety Insomnia and depression

Editor note:
If you are in Canada, maybe Zendocrine may be not available, then you can use Zebndocrine blend which has same effect s as Zendocrine softgels [ just need to follow instruction] . dōTERRA Zendocrine is a proprietary blend of whole-food extracts formulated to support the healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin.* Each whole-food botanical extract was selected specifically to support organ capacity to both provide protective cleansing and filtering functions for the body and to support the organ’s own capacity to rid itself of stored waste products.* Zendocrine also uses an enzyme support system to help with whole-food extract absorption and is packaged in SLS-free vegetable capsule.

Direction for use:
Take two (2) capsules daily, one each with morning and evening meals. For optimal benefits, avoid increased toxic load to your organs via your food supply by reducing the amount of foods prepared with artificial colors, preservatives, and sweeteners, and by increasing your consumption of pure water throughout the day. Zendocrine’s benefits can be enhanced by taking with Zendocrine Blend or Softgels.[ Source: www.doTERRA.COM]

Aromatic Therapy has been used for thousand to better living quality. Without any  side effect found, doterra does has many essential oils high in the chemical constituent linalool are well known for their ability to reduce sad and anxious feelings. Lavender is high in linalool and when taken internally reduces anxious feelings.* Its calming aroma can also help cut through feelings of stress and promote relaxation. for example: Simply inhale Lavender oil directly, you can get immediately
calm effect; you can also rub 2-3 drops on your palm and take a deep breath and you get the calm effect right away.
#1 doTERRA Balance can create a sense of calm and well-being. doTERRA Balance blends grounding wood oils with Frankincense and Blue Tansy. Blue Tansy’s scent helps uplift mood, while Frankincense promotes feelings of peace and relaxation. doTERRA Balance is a powerful tool for countering cycles of worry and fear. Apply it to your wrists or neck to ease anxious feelings.
#2 doTERRA Cheer is another helpful product for anxious feelings. This blend was designed to counteract negative emotions while promoting feelings of optimism. Cedarwood is another essential oil that can be very helpful. It has a calming and relaxing aroma that can be used to evoke feelings of wellness and soothe worry.
#3 doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack can be helpful. Experimental research findings indicate that after daily supplementation with these three products for two months, subjects reported more mental clarity, energy, motivation, control, balance, and happiness.
With above doterra anxiety release essential oil blend, most anxiety  mood can get well controlled, so  does the insomnia or depression.

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iDCS Device Therapy  Introduction

tDCS stands for Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. It is a potentially revolutionary technique to non-invasively stimulate whole regions of the brain with a gentle electrical current (about 2 mA, barely enough to light an LED). It is being used around the world by people who want to improve their lives, be happier and more energetic. It is also being used to help people learn things faster. Even the US Military uses it to train drone pilots and snipers. Whether you are trying to learn a new language, pass your Calculus test, eliminate depression or aleviate pain, tDCS can potentially help you.
While tDCS is an experimental treatment and the technology behind it has not been approved by the FDA, there seems to be evidence that it is effective and safe when used correctly. with tDCS Therapy, you can get long term  calm effect against anxiety depression and insomnia. Different people may feel tDCS therapy result in different way, but it is advised to plan 3-4 times tDCS a week with 3 month schedule for chronic  depression insomnia.

GinSeng  used for Anxiety, insomnia and Depression therapy.

Refer NCCIH.NIV.GOV, ginseng  does have been apply for mental health therapy for thousands year.

  • Asian ginseng is native to the Far East, including China and Korea, and has been used for health-related purposes for at least 2,000 years. Asian ginseng is one of several types of ginseng (another is American ginseng, Panax quinquefolius). The terms red ginseng and white ginseng refer to Asian ginseng roots prepared in two different ways. The herb called Siberian ginseng or eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is not related to true ginseng.
  • In traditional Chinese medicine, Asian ginseng was used as a tonic that was believed to replenish energy. Today, Asian ginseng is used as a dietary supplement to improve general well-being, physical stamina, and concentration; stimulate immune function; slow the aging process; and relieve various health problems such as respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disorders, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and menopausal hot flashes.Refer  Treat Depression Anxiety insomnia naturally via tDCS device and supplement , both Supplements and tDCS Device can improve Depression anxiety insomnia. After doTERRA anxiety bomb is added into the therapy, better therapy effects can be achieved quickly.

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The reasons why you better talk to free consultant support team first before you choose or order any device for your Depression anxiety Insomnia, the reasons are Depression anxiety insomnia is complex  health issue; Insomnia is used to be its one of symptoms only. for long term maximum health benefit, it is important to have professional well designed therapy plan.

Disclaimer: though above therapy already help  our hundreds  depression anxiety Insomnia patients out,  however,The FDA has not verified any claims regarding doTERRA Essential oil  and  tDCS. ApeX Electronics DOES NOT SELL MEDICAL DEVICES. Information on this site is not intended as an endorsement of doterra essential oil &  tDCS as an alternative treatment for any medical conditions.