Parkinson Disease cause Insomnia Natural Health Therapy

By Insomnia and Parkinson Disease study, Insomnia and Parkinson Disease Does have something relationship.

The aim of this study was therefore to evaluate the development and changes of insomnia in patients with PD over an 8‐year period and to study the correlation between the presence of insomnia and risk factors during the study period.

Nocturnal symptoms in PD can be categorised into insomnia, motor and urinary symptoms, neuropsychiatric symptoms, parasomnias and sleep‐related movement disorders.9 Patients with PD have problems with sleep fragmentation and early awakening compared with controls, whereas sleep initiation problems are equally frequent among patients and healthy elderly people.3 The causes of sleep disruption in patients with PD may be related to ageing, the cerebral pathology of the disease process itself, dopaminergic and other sleep‐altering drugs, motor dysfunction, neuropsychiatric symptoms, breathing disorders while sleeping, excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep hygiene, sleep‐related movement disorders and urinary difficulties. There is, however, a need for more knowledge, as the progression of insomnia and its causes in patients with PD are poorly investigated over time.

By Complementary and Integrated Medicine, Refer picture below:


Parkinson Disease is caused by that body liver function and Kidney function lose the capability to work harmony; and both liver function and Kidney function can affect body heart function directly.

So, the right solution for Parkinson Disease patient’s Insomnia issue should be strengthen the patient’s Kidney function and Liver function with Functional food Therapeutic Lifestyle change Intervention Program.

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