how to treat Thyroid Disease caused Constipation

Hypothyroidism can slow down many of the body’s systems, including digestion and elimination, some people may end up being chronically constipated as a result.

For constipation-induced by thyroid disease, by integrative and complementary medicine, we have to consider everything could affect liver lipid metabolism and heart function directly or indirectly.

There are many types of thyroid disease. However, the primary conditions present in most thyroid illnesses are Hypothyroid Symptoms of thyroid disease

Signs and symptoms of hypothyroid and hyperthyroid conditions include:


weak, slow heart beat

Muscular weakness and constant fatigue

Sensitivity to cold

Thick puffy skin and dry skin

slowed mental processes and reduced memory


Goiter (increased size of the thyroid)


rapid, forceful heartbeat tremor

Muscular weakness

Weight loss in spite of increased appetite

Restlessness, anxiety, and sleeplessness

Profuse sweating and heat intolerance


Eye changes

Goiter (increased size of the thyroid) druidism (thyroid under activity) and hyperthyroidism (thyroid over activity).

By complementary and Integrated Medicine, Thyroid Disease is related to heart, liver, and lung function, so that it can affect patient’s blood pressure, skin, and immune system directly, and cause constipation.

Solution: for Thyroid Disease patient with constipation, Functional Food Therapeutic lifestyle changes program is recommended.

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