How to treat Kidney Sickness caused Constipation says: Constipation is a common gastrointestinal problem that affects tens of millions of Americans. Although the condition in itself is rarely dangerous, new research suggests constipation may be a sign of poor kidney health. A most stroke survivor may have constipation problem may be caused by poor kidney health.

Refer above Picture, By Integrative and Complementary Medicine, body Heart Function [ so, does blood pressure level ] is supported by Liver function, and controlled by Kidney function, which is controlled by spleen function. So, when a person gets kidney function problem, it may cause constipation. Also, as liver function, kidney function, and spleen function forms a triangle interaction relationship, Spleen function play a significant role at constipation issue too.

The solution for Kidney diseases patient with constipation: Try to have blood pressure controlled and save any risk of life, then strengthen kidney function with Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle change Program, and naturally have Constipation naturally healed

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